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Staff and Payroll

Staff and Payroll

Our services are directed to entrepreneurs who hire employees in the United Kingdom on the principles of PAYE, NI and CIS. We specialize in calculating premiums, executing payslips, and we also provide professional bookkeeping and comprehensive HR, payroll and accounting services.


If you run a company where you employ workers, it is your responsibility to register your business at HM Revenue and Customs as new employer and keep a payroll record. It is necessary at the same time to prepare special reports and sent them to the tax office until the date of payment of wages – this can be done online. It is also obligatory to pay income tax and insurance (up to day 19 of the month) and pension contributions. Our accountancy office, being an authorized agent of HM Revenue &Customs, provides professional payroll services, sending reports and supervising the deadline for paying any liabilities.


Benefits of accountancy office assistance
By using our services, you get the certainty that you will gain a representative who will take care of all matters and will not omit any issues related to payroll. Our HR service allows you to:

  • save money for hiring additional administrative employees,
  • focus totally on running the core business,
  • get professional assistance and consultancy in the field of HR and payroll services,
  • use many additional services, such as preparing annual reports and settlements to HMRC and Companies House, calculating dividends, individual tax settlements of the company director, etc.

All our activities are based on many years of experience and will allow you to have everything under control. We are punctual, we keep full records of documents and we have appropriate knowledge about all issues related to running a company in Great Britain.