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How to recover tax from the HMRC

How to recover tax from the HMRC?

Paying taxes is the norm all over the world, and although citizens often complain about their amount, they are unquestioned support for the country’s budget and enable the development of the economy. The duty of people working in the UK is to settle taxes and submit a tax return to the tax office.
Who fills a tax return?

The scope of people obliged to settle accounts with the tax office includes persons:

  • self-employed and operating in the form of partnership
  • registered in the CIS system
  • running a different type of business, directors of companies
  • having income from dividends and real estate
  • those, who obtained additional income, but did not pay tax or have income flowing from abroad,

Tax Return – necessary information

In Great Britain there is also a tax year in force, which runs from 6.04 to 5.04 of the next year and until that time it is necessary to settle accounts with HM Revenue and Customs. It is worth remembering that Tax Return also applies to persons who did not receive any income in the last tax year – they are also obliged to settle tax in the UK.
Everyone who is taxed has also the right to apply for a refund. In this case it is necessary to have a certificate of income (forms P45 and P60, which are issued by the employer) and (in some cases) copies of CIS statements that are registered in this system. If you do not have a certificate of income, you should ask your employer for it, and if it is impossible, you can rely on payslip accounts. It is worth remembering that the employer does not incur any losses in connection with our application for tax refund in the UK.
The amount of money returned depends primarily on the amount of income earned; in the whole process and waiting for a refund can last from one to several months. We’ll help you predict how much money you can get with the help of the UK tax refund calculator.
We’ll help you get a tax refund

PolAccount will help both in settling accounts with the UK tax office and in obtaining tax refunds from the UK. We provide support for people who do not have time, do not want to deal with formal issues or their command of English language prevents them from acting effectively. We have experience, thanks to which we will be able to help with issues related to tax settlement in the UK. All you need to do is contact us and present your needs.