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LTD company formation


Starting a business in England is often a big challenge, and, although the formalities are not complicated, it is worth using the services of our accounting office in London, which deals with all issues related to business establishment and taxes in the LTD company.

Our services

Our goal is to maximally streamline the process of establishing a company in the UK, as well as familiarising the client with all aspects of the operation of such a unit. We prepare and send relevant documents and forms to Companies House and HMRC, we determine whether the LTD company will be profitable for the client, we advise which kind of limited company to choose and dispel any doubts related to paying taxes and proper functioning, thanks to which your company will be free from penalties. PolAccount accountancy office works without intermediaries. We are a registered agent in HM Revenue and Customs and thus provides professional service.

Business registration

Registration of the LTD company in the UK consists in sending documents to Companies House, in which all data regarding the emerging company, the scope of its services and the manner of conducting, personal data about the director and secretary, etc. will be included.

A company of this type should have at least one director and an original name that has not yet been used. Small businesses are run in the form of Private Limited Companies, while the larger ones usually operate as a Public Limited Companies (PLC) which differ in that they can take part in stock exchange transactions, must have a minimum capital of £ 50,000 and a given number of shareholders (at least two as in the case of directors + secretary).

Taxes and LTD

Business operations conducted in the UK in the form of Limited Company must pay tax on revenue and income, called Corporation Tax. It is settled independently by each company and it is necessary to carry out appropriate calculations and meet deadlines – tax settlements are the field of our accountancy office and we will be happy to help you. In case of any questions related to the establishment and operation of LTD, we encourage you to contact us – our advisers will provide you with all necessary information.