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Return of overpaid tax

Return of overpaid tax

It is worth taking into account that the refund of overpaid tax from England can be obtained up to 5 years back, but it is better not to wait for the last minute and settle all formalities faster, the more that it involves the receipt of additional money.


Every employee should receive a P60 form from their employer at the end of the tax year (in the UK on 5 April) or, in the case of termination of cooperation with a given company during the tax year, a P45 form (income certificate). These documents are the basis for being able to apply for tax refund in the UK. The Tax Code is also very important, being the tax free amount it consists of letters that correspond to specific concessions and digits that are the sum of income free of tax. It is the duty of every employer to submit a report to the tax office, including all kinds of deductions from the employee’s remuneration. You can apply for a tax refund if the amount of earnings was lower than the tax-free amount in a given tax year.


Tax refunds can be obtained by contacting the tax office in the United Kingdom or using the services of a professional accounting office.


We will help in getting a refund
Our accountancy office provides not only tax consultancy, but also assistance in getting a refund. We recommend applying to us when:

  • Your work brought additional costs;
  • Your work was performed for a part of the tax year;
  • You were dismissed from work;
  • You had an emergency tax code in the UK.


Considering the fact that on average every third person is entitled to a tax refund, it is worth taking care of your interests. Our task is to limit your activity in this process to a minimum – regardless of how long you have worked in Great Britain, how much you earned there and what amount of return you expect. Our specialists will deal with formalities, contact appropriate institutions and ensure proper tax settlement. We encourage you to contact our experience staff who have already helped thousands of people.